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10 Sessions for Achieving your Goals (without the stress)


Are you:

Traumatised by past goal-setting?

Feel worried and pressured about not maximising your full potential?

Stressed by your lofty dreams?

Feeling moody, unmotivated and lethargic?

The Dream Big Stay Calm Program

Has been designed on one central guiding philosophy:

If you are not emotionally ready for your goals/dreams NO AMOUNT of success literature, seminars, information and coaching is going to help you.


Because you are running on a conditioned inner program that is far more powerful than you realise, a program that is calling the shots behind your back.

The Dream Big Stay Calm program

is carefully designed to safely take you through various key mental and emotional barriers that are in place outside of your awareness. Using EFT as well as a structured emotional 'map' you are guided to gently yet effectively navigate these inner blocks so that doing what you want to do is fun, easy and engaging.


You will receieve:

  • Dream Big Stay Calm e-workbook and guide
  • 11 Guided Tapping Videos
  • 11 Tapping Audio Tracks
  • Tapping Scripts
  • 3 Bonus Audio Creative Visualisation Tracks
  • 2 Live QnA Call Invites
  • Lifetime Access to the Product Online
  • Community Membership to access additional support


All with a 100% Money Back Gaurantee!

A sneak peek into the Dream Big Stay Calm 10-session EFT Kit


Who is this program designed for?

This program is perfect for people who love achieving and want to get more of out of their lives without stressing about it. This is a great course that can be used by anyone who wishes to feel calmer, clearer and more confident around their goals. Whether these goals or dreams are to do with work or to do with your relationships or your health. It is a self-study program, which means you have the luxury of doing the work whenever it suits you, at your own pace and wherever you fancy.


How does it work? What do I have to do?

The way the program is structured is that it is a combination of video and audio content that allows one to follow simple tapping exercises and scripts at one’s own pace. Once you watch the first session, you have pretty much mastered it in terms of how to go about it.

Now the whole program is a guided step by step process so that there is no guesswork or trying to figure it out by yourself.


What is in this program?

Just to outline some of the content included in this 10- session EFT Kit:

1. How to get over inner resistance easily and effectively? (Laying the foundation for the rest of the session).

2. The 5 principles that can change everything about how you experience stress. (Simple yet profoundly transformative).

3. How to control and conquer cravings (This is designed to help you curb your natural fight or flight response which gets triggered with new goals/directions)

4. How to eliminate physical pain (This is almost miraculous when you experience the results and worth the whole program itself)

5. Cleansing the Bad Memories Bank (Designed to help you start on a clean slate. Get ready to feel fresh, alive and excited again)

6. Dealing with Past Mistakes and Failures (If you are stuck in your past, you are never EVER going to be moving forward/making progress as you are being held back with a ton of bad memories that need to be safely released)

7. How to go forward ( All too often we get really stuck about our past grievances so much that we have no clue as to what we want or which direction we want to go. This session is about getting clarity and confidence to start creating a new blueprint for a fresh start)


What benefits can I expect?

If you have been abandoning projects/goals or neglecting aspects of your health by getting stressed out and moody; you probably already know how you feel. But what are the real costs of this stress?? The real but hidden side effects of feeling confused and discontented?

I think if you were to put a dollar vallue to it, this would probably rack up a sizeable amount. When you add up the costs of unearned salary/unrecognised talents/creative ideas squashed without implementation/ doctor's bills/ psychological trauma etc etc you get the very real glaring truth of what is the real COST of ignoring your wellbeing.

So the benefits of doing the 10 session EFT Program are not just emotional and psychological but financial too.

Expected benefit include being able to earn/do/create/experience/have/contribute and change a lot more than you are now.


How is this program different from other programs?

This program's unique differentiator is its design along with EFT.

This means that you are guided through the 10 sessions in a chronological sequence that has known to create the most effective shifts and transformations.

And because in the past I have also bought a lot of self-study programs myself, I know that I also have questions that come up for me after I have purchased it. So this program also includes Live q & a calls so that you have the opportunity to ask your q and get the answers you want!


Did you know?

Scientific studies have shown that EFT dramatically reduces the stress causing hormone cortisol by more than 24%?

EFT is now officially acknowledged by the APA (American Psychological Association) as an energy psychology therapy?

EFT is the world's fastest growing drug-free technique to reduce stress and low energy?


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Big shout out to Nivedita Mehta. I feel great..You have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with the world and me.
Julie A, VIC

Thank you Nivi for your wisdom and guidance. You helped me to step out of fear and to watch those negative thought patterns that were holding me back. My Life has turned around in so many ways and I can truly say I'm HAPPY.
Sabrina G, NSW

After our session I felt noticeably more peaceful, content, and centered than before. I also had much more clarity about some of my patterns that surfaced in our session. It felt that some issues were touched at a deeper level than before, but at the same time, life looked much more simple.
Anetta P

Was captivated by Nivedita who has a presence and calmness that is beautiful. Nivedita, thank you, I learnt so much about my beliefs around abundance and now feel I am on my way to more Prosperity.
Tracy M

I feel calmer, lighter, happier after every session. I would certainly recommend this program to everyone'.
Kate R

After every session I feel I can achieve my goals and feel motivated, calm and relaxed.
Jessica R

I feel freer and more content in all aspects of my life.
Kylie D

Nivedita's easy to follow instructions on the tapping videos coupled with her positive presence are helping me overcome my daily habitual doubts and mental blocks at a real and emotional level. It's like a quick fix mantra that's working slowly but so marvelously. Thank you so much!
Preeti S, India





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